Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Disney Land!!!!!!!!;))

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Make your own Countdown Clocks

Saturday, August 1, 2009


WELLLL... its been such a long time since i have posted something lol ...So here are some pics of me and my Aunt/ Best friend Eva being dorks lol... hope all is well love you :)!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

 My Life....



And now thirteen!!! .......And loving the thirteen years God has given me with the best family in this WORLD!!! Im so happy to have the Mommy and Daddy~ I have in my life!!!! They're people I can talk to and tell everything too, still at thirteen!!!!Jesse & Diego~My little bro's  soo cool and wierd!! lol..I love bugging them!!  Javier and Crystal~ always make me laugh!!! Kyndra, Chelisa &  Enrique~...alway in my closet(NOT enrique) lol.. I love them though!! Josefa & Tio Tomas~ always have a smile on there face!! Naya~ a huuuggge example to me!! Stevin~lololol!! jk, he alway helps me with anything to do with school!! Benjie's~ so cute and funny!! Willie and Natalie~ the coolest & funniest Aunt and Uncle I have lol!! CRYSTAL~ the only cousin my age!! Every time I want to laugh I just talk to her and we start making fun of something and there you go were  both blue in the face, on the floor, out of breath laughing ....she rocks! Josh~ I've got to say he's really sweet!!! David~ umm.. im just kidding actually he's really sweet to me and I LOVE THE WAY HE COOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eli~ is a sweetheart. He's always comforting me!!!! Eva~ well, one thing about Eva is she is the best aunt and friend ever!!!!!!! Isai~ the most loving Uncle. I love jumping on the piano whenever he comes over and we'll start playing a song and it gets crazzzy!! Isaac~ well, I grew up with him.....he was three when I was born. He's like my big brother, we had so much fun when we where kids!!!!Mama and Papa~ there so fun and my grandma's cooking is out of this WORLD!!!!  My grandpa is always telling me jokes and laughing with me!!!! Grandma Karen~she's sooooo fun and she can sew amazing!! Grandpa John~ NO ONE CAN MAKE SPAGETTI LIKE HE DOES!!!! Hes so funny! Kyle~ I love my Uncle Kyle.. He's so nice:) ANOTHER SWEATHEART! I love when he visits me, we have so much fun!! My Best friend Sandy~ I love her to death!!!!!!!!! I can tell her anything and know it will stay there with her. She sooo much fun and I wish I could see her more but for now we'll text till P.E.A.K.!!!!!!
To the rest of my friends, u mean the world to me!!!!!!
And now a church that I love with everything in me! People that I've laughed and cried with!!! People that I know won't be here for today or tomorrow they're Friends I have FOREVER!!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

LOVE YOU ALL.........

Monday, February 2, 2009



Friday, January 30, 2009


 I Cant Wait Till The Youth Island Laser Tag Activity Tonight!!!!!:D...........MORE INFO GO TO ................